Within the new decentralized blockchain systems Stellar has some unique features like fast transactions, very low fees and the ability to create “on-chain” assets.

Based on the Stellar Network Smart Stellar enables smart contracts and automated services.

Announcement 2nd of February: Smart Stellar can be used now with the following features: "On Time Payments", "Reccurring Payments" and "Voucher Usage". To access the PublicNet please send us an email at

Smart Stellar focus on user friendly implementation of services, which are missing in the crypto space.

The first usecases to be developed are:
  • Date related Payments: onetime and reccurring payments on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

  • Debit Authorization: Implementing a debit functionality between two account holder.

  • Voucher Creation: Creating and distributing vouchers on Stellar Lumens and on any other asset.

Smart Stellar is a non-custodial wallet that gives full control of a user’s keys to the user and does not store or transmit a user’s secret keys to any server (all signing is done locally).

For additional security you also can use a multi-sig account like stellarguard.me in combination with Smart Stellar.

Smart Stellar Tutorial

To get a quick overview have a look at the tutorial (10 pages, 10 min read).

PDF Tutorial

About Stellar Lumens

If you are new to Stellar, there are many good tutorials and documentations. Here are some of the main sources:

stellar.org, lumenauts.com, galactictalk.org (Community), Hacking Stellar (eBook)

Stellar Consensus

I also recommend the video from lumenauts about the Federated Byzantine Agreement, if you are interested in how the Stellar Consensus Algorithm works.